Multiple posts to promote employment of migrant workers

In July 18th, the city of human resources and Social Security Bureau and the total town of jointly organized recruitment. This recruitment is mainly to help landless migrant workers, rural surplus labor, and solve the employment problem of college graduates, a total of 71 units to provide 1173 jobs, attracting more than 300 people attended the scene, 24 people reached employment intentions.

Wuxi, a woman fried crude oil one hundred thousand yuan a week left behind by nine thousand

with the popularity of the Internet in life, Internet banking have emerged, we need only through the Internet related financial management, but there is also a certain risk. In June this year, who lives in Ms. Fang Wuxi Binhu Zhou Xinyuan police said he was claiming to be "trader" fraud, the other recommended the fried oil, from April 7th to April 12th account for less than a week’s time, the remaining $100 thousand in the account 9000 yuan Ms. fang. Wuxi Binhu police investigation, after investigation, arrested the suspect Zou Moumou 36 people from Shanghai the day before. read more

China Health pension Industry Summit Forum held in Weifang

said that the elderly, China has entered the stage of the development of aging, whether in urban or rural areas, the majority of the elderly generally exist, how to solve the problem of China’s aging? And China pension should be how to stage of development, these problems are in Japan and South Korea to work together to create a new era of health pension industry seminar held in Weifang.

forum "in Japan and South Korea to work together to create a new era of health care industry as the theme, from Japan and South Korea experts, the pension agency representatives and government representatives attended the forum and speech. read more

See an old restaurant brand is how to ashes

Before the

food, or has been in the catering industry veteran of many years of business, their common identity concept is, as long as to provide customers with good service and high quality consumer consumption quality, it will be able to win the hearts of consumers. There will be a steady stream of tourists. But now rent, labor and cost pressures, this idea seems to be inopportune or inappropriate, the peak moment of many of the old brand, are facing an embarrassing situation to make ends meet, old food brand in the Internet era, does not keep pace with the times, soon to be abandoned. Old brand to profit, but also insist on doing quality, how to break a veteran of the Japanese put the issue of self-help brands, in the fierce competition in the choice of change, out of their own way to regain the new. read more

Bone Pixie let you enjoy the ultimate delicious ribs

ribs because of its high nutritional value, so loved by the vast number of consumers. No matter what the cooking method is its nutritional value is very high, nutrient loss is less, the market demand for the ribs are also provided for the investment in the food and beverage market entrepreneurs a good opportunity. Fresh, fried, sweet sauce, bone Pixie small ribs practice characteristics, has a unique taste.

bone Pixie small ribs have pure flavor, three fine ribs (original, spicy black pepper, mix), Xian Xiangla (spicy black pepper pork (strong) Cyclone black pepper flavor tipsy) secret Fried Spare Ribs with Spiced Salt (salt and pepper taste sweet and sour), straight ribs (Bifengtang peanut crisp flavor and other flavors) edible, group is very extensive, both young and old. read more

What are the contents of the training of home textile stores

people visit a home textile stores, will want to be able to get the help of the clerk, in their help can find suitable for their home textile products, so that the clerk played an important role.

Knowledge of

1. products: although sales positions have in common, but the textile products and clothing, these cars are still very different, the guide should learn related product knowledge before they start, have a certain understanding of textile products, the answers to.

2.: display skills such as clothing sales need to understand how collocation clothing, clothing display to achieve better sales, home is the same, the store display is an important factor to attract customers, if not shopping on display, customer requirements can not be re launched after watching the display, customers will have a bad impression to the store. read more

Group treasure net arrears or affect the consumer to buy coupons expired sale

  reporters yesterday to buy a " 69 yuan DIY cake " buy coupons.

After the

broke the wages of employees in arrears, arrears of merchant payments, the group treasure network arrears wind may affect consumers. New express reporter yesterday found in the Groupon Guangzhou sub station, although the surface normal operation, but with many has expired and group purchase goods, still can deal. Some lawyers said that if the business and the group after the termination of the Po network, the group is still in the name of the network sales of goods, such behavior alleged fraud. read more

Know that the firewall is a pit is checking whether the user content and privacy is compromised


technology news September 7th afternoon, known today the mobile terminal cannot login and serial number of the account, then there is news that the server is the reason. Since then, almost notice, claiming that the third party firewall caused by the failure of the client temporarily offline, and cause data show confusion.

know almost also said, has been through the temporary adjustment of the third party firewall strategy to restore the mobile terminal services. And stressed that the data is displayed on the screening of the disorder, forcing the user to log in at the time of the visit to know, to minimize the risk of user privacy leaks. read more

Adsense network broadcast CCDI supervision website opened iPhone5C manual exposure

1 from the free navigation event to see the High German user strategy since 10%

: seize the grass root user of high moral map beat High German navigation


Gould and Baidu last week the PR battle played very lively, but I believe that the insiders will see the point: the High German navigation free, not the real rival Baidu navigation; High German navigation, is actually standing beside it turns the High German mobile phone map. Why do we say that we first look at the development process of the high – German "navigation" and the "map" of the two location services. read more

Ten home appliance supplier commitment to implement management pay a compensation system

According to Xinhua news agency,

power purchase rights high cost, difficult, has been the problem of consumers Tucao, the future may be gradually improved. Alibaba, Jingdong mall and other 10 enterprises 28, social commitment, operators will earnestly fulfill shouwenzeren, actively implement pay a compensation system, to create a safe and secure online shopping environment for consumers.

in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce forum held on the same day, the Alibaba group, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, Ctrip,,, Amazon,, public comment, the U.S. group net 10 business representatives participated in the discussion, and signed a pledge. read more

What can attract fans

Thursday, sunny.

today is the double chromosphere lottery day, I have bet, 2 yuan, want to buy, with a little luck, figure. Medium or not, insignificant.

small Shuangseqiu can alleviate the pressure of work, feel the happiness.

well, don’t talk back to the topic.

today’s theme is what to attract fans

first, to emphasize that the fans are attracted to, not their own initiative to calais.

usually no thing, I like to add some friends through the QQ group, the Internet is basically the circle, what to do, network marketing, website operations, from the media, micro business, programmers, etc.. read more

Website creativity new ideas and methods for the promotion of pet blog

many companies are using virtual spokesperson, such as Haier brothers, beauty bears and so on, so the enterprises by setting up their own virtual spokesperson blog or blog marketing purposes under the guise of a pet? Those who are interested can study. As for the significance of pet blog, I would like to at least with the help of a pet blog to establish a business or image, through the mouth of the pet delivery of enterprise and product ideas, with the help of the pet to achieve the purpose of marketing. I’ve tried to create my own pet blog and started practicing and exploring this idea. My pet blog ideas and forms are as follows: read more

The Philharmonic school students part-time network promotion experience


financial crisis, major companies competing to layoffs, but someone has to do work, layoffs is not the end, enterprise boss will consider how to recruit people with low cost, so the "Philharmonic school students part-time network" for this station promotion, although did not reach IP every day tens of thousands, but the effect is also obviously, the following I will share promotion experience, master who will not have to Paizhuan, because I was just getting started, hope master pointing. read more

The first network Alibaba Group Chairman Ma speech.

today is May 17, 2009, is the first net is handed in second days, I also visited the venue, can be used to describe the huge crowds of people.

to help small and medium enterprises, for stimulating employment, the first domestic network business fair this year May 16-17, held at the Liuhua Hotel.


fair is the largest e-commerce Alibaba "carrier" group’s integration of B2B and Taobao, two subsidiaries of resources, for the first time in the form of Trade Fair for small and medium-sized enterprises to build business bridge, help them to open up the domestic market, at the same time, the fair will also help a large number of Taobao’s network business develop brand-new delivery channels, create employment opportunities. read more

2014 Q3 China online travel scale exceeded 70 billion yuan

2014 Q3 China online travel market transactions amounted to $72 billion 640 million, an increase of 15.2%, an increase of 20%; OTA market revenue of $3 billion 950 million, an increase of 21%. 2014Q3 China online travel OTA market concentration to further increase, which accounted for 55.9% of the proportion of Ctrip, eLong accounted for 9.7%, the same way accounted for 6.3%, accounting for nearly the total of three companies.

2014 Q3 online travel market size exceeded $70 billion

iResearch consulting statistics show that 2014 Q3 China online travel market transaction size of up to $72 billion 640 million, an increase of 15.2%, an increase of 20%. read more

Ten basic methods of e-commerce website design

introduction: the development of modern science and technology has greatly changed the life of human society, but also shortened the distance of time and space of the earth. In particular, the arrival of the Internet era, but also to shorten the time and space between people, between people and things. The need to go out to do things, you can now do homes will be able to complete. Nowadays more and more popular "online shopping", along with the rapid development of the Internet and the popularization of computer is gradually infiltrated into people’s life, is accepted by more and more people, become a kind of life and the trend of fashion nowadays the city of Master. So the electronic commerce website also will be rapid development. read more

315 network consumption integrity list released electricity supplier integrity index

CCTV recently released 2012 315 consumer complaints list shows that online shopping topped the list. Back in 2011, the domestic online shopping complaints case is as high as 50 thousand, the consumer was directed at the lack of network integrity. "Mainly concentrated in the quality of goods and the description does not match, shoddy, selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, buy fake businesses cannot disappear after rights, group purchase or service free to change the rules of online shopping service, customer service can not be guaranteed". This is also verified from the negative trend of the rapid development of online shopping market, a number of research institutions statistics show that in 2011 Chinese online shopping transaction size has been close to 800 billion yuan, online shopping users reached 200 million people, of which 45% times a week, 44% of the average monthly shopping. read more