Artificial intelligence involved in electricity supplier big data driven Jingdong future

future e-commerce is called big data providers. According to the definition of big data providers, big data of the future electricity supplier at least three aspects as follows, one is O2O, which combines online and offline; two is paid, the positive interaction between users and vendors; three is the individual, namely a thousand thousand faces.


double smoke has not cleared, the major electricity providers have begun to count this year results. Jingdong which 11 to 10 points in the period of time, the number of orders reached the same period last year, 2.4 times the number of times of 0. In the category of goods Jingdong, mobile phone category orders reached 3 times the same period last year, significantly higher than the overall growth. Meanwhile, the proportion of mobile terminal orders accounted for 3 times last year. The mobile terminal popularity can not be ignored in this year eleven, Jingdong introduced the famous Microsoft "black technology" — artificial intelligence wheatgrass housekeeper. It is understood that the wheatgrass skills upgrading, disruptive innovation is the largest underlying the use of electricity in data integration and artificial intelligence. read more

Other search engines can’t replace Google

Other search engines can’t replace Google –

No more than the simple search application

Is behind the metaphor of

this joke, when things are gradually digitized, we demand more very learned. I spent an evening at the same time, a Baidu search search and Google desktop search, Google found 32569 documents, while Baidu found 54642; Baidu’s apparent mining ability is more satisfactory, but the reaction speed of Google is faster, when I drive more new data, it soon record.

read more

How to make money while playing micro share

I have a lot of dreams, want to become a freelance writer, want to become the color image stylist, want to become a gourmet, want to be a traveler, to open a small coffee shop, want to have their own small business. I believe that every one of you is full of dreams. Just because of the process of growing up, we will bury them deep in the heart. My ambition is small and big. Because only in the field of interest will expand. I also know that dreams no more action to support is a dream. In order to realize the dream of traveling, and a second time I work in the campus, third I made overseas purchasing, senior winter settled in New Zealand friends told me excitedly that there is an interesting micro business can play while making money. I didn’t fall asleep that night. I only tried 3 times in college. So in the middle of the night to check a lot of information, including domestic and foreign, company background and positive negative news. Because the idea of making money while you play really fantastic, when I was in Google map did find this company in the United States of Texas, Dallas. I breathed a sigh of relief, but still didn’t sleep well all night. For the next couple of days, I’ve been popping up in my head. So I took my friends to visit. With his family decided to set up a travel package flew to Texas. For the first time, I can see that there is no such thing as a shopping trip, a welcoming dinner and a birthday party. Each team is from all over the world, different colors, there are South Korea, Burma, France, the United States and other places. I also participated in the tour, I think we should let every member have fun without even a little complaining voice is very difficult, but the company did. Everyone will care about each other, there is always a kind of happy atmosphere. Delays in my plane is still immersed in the depressed, the company is close to send a small gift. I suddenly realized that no matter what industry, to care about each customer’s feelings and feelings must not be wrong. read more

Su Ninghai purchased App officially launched most domestic commercial storage


technology news Beijing time on October 14th evening news, Su ningyun group COO Hou Enlong said that Su Ninghai purchased independent App "small sea lion" has been officially launched, unlike other sea Amoy platform, Su Ninghai purchased more than 70% goods by channel model with the bonded area, without the need to send abroad.

overseas purchasing relevant responsible person said, Suning logistics has been in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo set up a bonded warehouse. Suning will according to the data analysis and response of supply chain distribution will be stored in the bonded warehouse goods in advance, consumers purchase orders directly from the bonded warehouse delivery, in order to ensure the speed of the sea. read more

On the road to success jewelry business

in twenty-first Century, the Internet business penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, has created a wealth of myths, heroes. Not only in the field of mass consumer goods, luxury goods such as jewelry consumption in the field, the same is true. Just last year, there have been in the field of the first to eat crab amber jewelry companies – Royal Anber ( WeChat mall can focus on fashionamber.

in many jewelry business, mainly can be divided into two categories: one is like Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, Luk Fook jewellery and other traditional enterprise electricity supplier for the representative; the other is the emerging Internet business enterprise, such as diamond bird, Kelan diamond, Jade Dynasty, Royal Anber etc.. The former relies on the enterprise itself has the traditional advantages, rely on industry chain, capital chain and the brand image of large and complete, is not difficult to stand firmly in the field of electricity providers; and as the bright younger generation emerging jewelry business, the shortcomings of traditional jewelry enterprises, combined with the Internet chariot, rapid completion of the strategic layout of the brand to seize the hills also, success. read more

Jingdong response arrangements merchant brush internal verification will be strictly dealt with

sina science and technology news April 2nd news, recently, users report Jingdong employees arrange merchant brush, increase sales of Jingdong mall. Jingdong responded that Jingdong open platform from the inception of the company has developed a strict policy to prohibit the emergence of scalping behavior. For the report of scalping behavior, is an internal verification, if found violations, will be strictly dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the company.

it is understood that the Jingdong of the seller through improper means to improve the Jingdong open platform sales of goods or improve the shop score penalty is deducted 25 points each, false trading through improper means to improve product sales or improve store ratings, the Jingdong open platform has the right to delete the goods or delete the relevant stores score. (Tong Gao) read more

Cn domain name registration amounted to more than 530 into the third national domain name

      yesterday, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that, as of May 31st, China’s.Cn domain name registered in the world has reached more than 530, has become the following.De in Germany and.Uk in Britain, ranking third in the world of the national domain name.

it is understood that, in China, the top 500 state-owned enterprises, the mainstream of the industry, as well as the company’s 80% provincial government websites are using the.Cn domain name. CNNIC director Mao Wei said,.Cn has become China’s most mainstream domain name. According to reports, in order to make the.Cn domain name in our country to get a wider range of applications, CNNIC has decided to be scheduled for a period of 3 months, $1 registered.Cn domain activities postponed to the end of December 31st this year. read more

Thinking of ten how do I bring you a shopping spree

eleven not long past, twelve again. As a bystander is difficult to imagine in the Chinese electricity supplier, an enterprise can be discounted as a holiday, and thus lead the industry to follow suit. Although twelve market scale is not large, but a Chinese ten can be said that the entire electricity supplier of the most exciting day, not only is Taobao, Tmall, and Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning and so on, you can think of the business platform is promotional, such event is really very rare.

but the layman watches, insiders look at doorways. The same is consumer promotions, discounts tide is not the only one doing Ali, why only its own success, while other enterprises can only serve as a foil? Imagine even when they are added to the discount camp, when consumers mentioned a ten they will think Ali first, this is the true meaning of Internet products, when you really know how to do a product, you can really say they understand the Internet actual operating experience, then the "ten" successful cases give us what read more

Introduction of several foreign trade links

if you have English stand, then you can have a good harvest by selling links. I played in the major link market, sum up some experience to share with you now, selling the first backlinks backlinks link, the biggest advantage is the WordPress plug-in, the installation is successful, others are not, all things are handed over to the backlinks processing, including payment.

1 ask2link:ask2link, the operation is not difficult, the judgment factors, restrictions on the PR value is not high, can be independent pricing. There are WordPress plugins, but must be widgets. read more

Google AdSense advertising will be a major reform – the highest income of up to $255

02 month 04 days according to the speed passenger s message: if you are a Google AdSense user, and has been put on the website AdSense promotion advertising, then you are likely to see recent AdSense promotion advertising $5 or $10 in new revenue for you in the income of AdSense results. Since the provisions of AdSense promotion advertisements are when a new user clicks on your AdSense advertising promotion after registered AdSense account, and then he began advertising AdSense, when he made a $100 advertising in 180 days, you can get a $100 reward. This is a way to motivate users to promote AdSense Google network. But why in the end there will be a $5, $10 AdSense advertising revenue? read more

Adsense is a bomb in Google China

The last time we met Li Kaifu, Adsense was the most talked about topic. At that time, I put forward a point: if Google can not be a good solution to the rules of the game in China Adsense problem, I am afraid that there will be a public relations crisis. Indeed, some people broke out, and the momentum is not small.

with all pay per click advertising, Google Adsense will need to face the problem of click fraud. It’s not a matter of two days a day, or even a "near perfect solution.". But the biggest problem facing Google Adsense is not "click fraud", and in the rules of the game, if one day, you are cheating (Google that Google called "invalid click behavior or manual advertising"), you will never turn over day.

right of appeal: customer service response speed of Google is very fast, attitude is also very good, but because the Adsense cheating judgment mechanism algorithm proprietary, users get the answer can only be refused. And last, a special assistant in Li Kaifu and Mr. Guo Qiji chat, he also admitted that "and" rehabilitated "by the ratio is not high".Author:

the resurrection right: This is the most terrible thing. In the Google Adsense dictionary, there is no "reprieve", only "cut lijue".

Since the

1 for the resurrection right: to formulate a set of "Resurrection" mechanism, regardless of the user because of what the reason was blocked, but after a certain time can apply again. Of course, Google can have their own evaluation system, for example, such a record of the user and ordinary users to treat. read more

The most common reasons for failure

generally speaking, from the initial stage of the capital allocation and scheduling, talent recruitment, marketing strategy, management skills, and the subsequent changes in the market trend, competition, coping strategies…… And so on, are likely to lead to the establishment of the enterprise you can not continue to survive the fate of. The following is the most common cause of failure in the entrepreneurial process:

1, short of capital.

entrepreneurs underestimate the financial needs of the financial budget is missing, while in operation or production can not effectively use the funds, it is difficult to create a surplus. read more

Google warning for JS calls


in the audit of your site, we found that you still do not put our ad code directly into the content page of the source code. You are now through the
.js file will be our code into IFRAME
. Please put our ad code directly into the source code of the content page.

when you have completed the appropriate changes, please reply to this email so that we can review your site. So that we can update your account records to indicate that you are in line with our planning policy

Google AdSense from read more

Do Taobao customers need more traffic flow conversion

Taobao guest is the first choice of many webmaster, I am one of them. Do so long, my biggest feeling is the two key points, the first is the flow, the second is the flow of transformation, if you have a good flow, and no conversion, it is futile. The conversion rate of less than 3% indicates that the web into a certain problem, in addition, if the blind pursuit of the details, not a lot of traffic, is empty, so today I summarize the valuable experience of more than a year to share with you, we also welcome more exchanges. read more

What pregnant women eat the iron _39 health network _ women


pregnant women also need to supplement iron enough protein

diet on iron at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to get enough protein, because hemoglobin generated not only need iron, also need to have enough protein, only to be able to improve the effect of iron supplementation of protein is sufficient, there have been anemia like pregnant women positive attention in addition to diet intake of iron rich foods also need under the guidance of a doctor can add some iron treatment. read more